What is Mindfullness?

Mindfulness is simply deliberately focusing attention –in the present moment- without any judgement about the experience. This sounds simple but the brain tends to be ‘monkey minded’ and needs to be trained, just like the physical body.

The Magic of Mindfulness

The brain (and associated feelings and behaviours) can undergo significant physical changes in just eight weeks through engaging in regular Mindfulness practice; ‘grey matter’ can grow and areas associated with stress, reduce.

Major improvements can be made in enhancing awareness of self and others, concentration, focus, energy, innovation, creativity and contentment. Mindfulness can also alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms, eating disorders, addictions, OCD and other illnesses, including autoimmune-related illnesses such as Lupus and MS. It can increase self-compassion, empathy and even, by protecting the telomeres on the ends of our chromosomes, may reduce ageing and extend life!

Mindfulness has swept America (from the corporate world, universities and schools to prisons, the police and the army). It is Google's biggest in-house training (and promoted in many other international businesses including Proctor and Gamble, Nike, Sony and Time Warner) and it's now tearing through the UK, such is its success. It's even being practiced in the Houses of Commons and Lords and has been recommended by the UK government's ‘NICE’ guidelines (re, clinical excellence) as a very successful way of preventing recurrent depression and enhancing life.

My experience of being hospitalised twenty years ago and travelling widely in SE Asia ignited my passion for Mindfulness; I discovered for myself that it was a great way of managing pain and trauma and brought great joy, inner peace and a much greater appreciation of the world around us.

On top of my specific Mindfulness trainings, I incorporate Mindful theory and practice into my counselling and psychotherapy, group-work and teamwork where appropriate. It is very much a part of ‘Dancing into Life’ (my rather whacky free-style dance class which I ran weekly for four years but now run on request).

Mindfulness Training

I run scheduled ‘Introduction to mindfulness’ days and day retreats (for people with some mindfulness experience) at our home venue and bespoke trainings either here or at your venue. Please see my mindfulness website - www.mindfulnessnottingham.co.uk - for scheduled training and retreat dates.

I also facilitate monthly ‘Mindfulness Evenings’ with lovely co-trainer Sarah White. These fall on the first Tuesday of every month. I also run a women's mindfulness group one Monday in the month (Please note that prior booking's essential for both groups).

I can adapt Mindfulness training to your needs, from lunch-time practice sessions in your workplace to half-day, day and weekend trainings. I also offer traditional 8-week programmes combining MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction), MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) and Gestalt therapy (which is mindfulness-based). As I have a second part of my teacher-training in Mindfulness to complete, I can currently run the 8-week programme for a reduced fee- so sign up early!


“My husband was resistant to the Mindfulness evenings but you've turned him into a little Buddha!”

Oh wow! I didn't think I'd ever relax but now I can!”

“Blimey, I'm starting to like myself

“I've discovered how to be kind to myself

“Traffic jams are now a blessing! Time to breath and relax!

“Mindfulness is amazing! I feel like a different man.”

Feedback from Mindful Dancing into Life sessions

“I was completely uplifted

“Jayne made the group safe and warm

Saved my life

“It's fun

Helped me to connect into my physical and emotional self”

“Helped me to relax, to feel happy... to de-stress”

“I no longer experience the same doubt”

Unbelievable! Wonderful!

“This class has taught me how to express myself how I never have been able to before”

“Jayne is a very creative facilitator and is able to spread psychological knowledge in a very simple and practical way”

Living moment by moment and seeing everything afresh without judgement and worry lets us experience life rather than simply get through it

Live to the point
of tears

Dancing Into Life
Mindfullness evenings

There are deep wellsprings of peace and contentment living inside all of us, no matter how trapped and distraught we may feel.

I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind

Only the present moment contains life