Hi and welcome to ‘Creative Leaps’!

I'm Jayne Pigford, an experienced, MSc-trained, UKCP-registered ‘Gestalt’ psychotherapist and trainer based in Nottingham. My basic endeavour is to help people to feel good about themselves and deal with challenges in their lives (what a great job!) through personal counselling or psychotherapy and via teaching, training and workshops with groups and teams of people.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

I offer long and short-term individual, group and couples therapy to adults in a comfortable and discreet location five minutes' drive or bus journey from Nottingham's city centre.

For me, psychotherapy and counselling are about myself and my clients building a relationship and working together; sometimes with pain, sometimes with humour, sometimes with moments of wonder – and always 'creatively leaping' forward towards more satisfaction with life.

Teaching, training and workshops

Taking aspects of psychotherapy and Mindfulness, I aim to provide inspiring classes, workshops and training sessions (from an hour to several sessions or days). I offer the classic, ‘NICE’/government recommended 8 week Mindfulness training (a mixture of MBSR) (mindfulness based stress reduction) and MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy). Currently this is at a reduced rate because I'm still officially in training so sign up fast!

I work in educational establishments, charities, government departments, private organisations and corporate settings.

Workshops and training relate to personal development, ranging from Mindfulness confidence building, stress management, career building skills and self-care through to relationship awareness, communication skills, spirituality and body awareness.

Team Development

I aim to promote ‘creative leaps’ in workplace teams through team building, team development, conflict resolution and stress management. I aim to enhance communication, efficiency, group and individual satisfaction.


I offer a consultancy service to groups wanting guidance on psychological issues, from work places and statutory agencies to charitable organisations and voluntary support groups.

My approach

I have a holistic, humanistic approach, recognising that the mind and body are connected and that we all affect, and are affected by, the wider systems we live with. Whilst I may be ‘the expert’, all my work is collaborative and about empowerment, enhancing awareness and releasing the happy, creative potential that we all have within us.

Jayne in the therapy room

Recovery is not a solitary journey. Even if you could do it alone you donít deserve to do it alone


To bee all you can bee or not to bee?

Each finger is different, yet it is only when they all work together that whatever we put our hand to is successful

Dare to be